It’s Friday…. let’s do music videos….

I love coming across really great music videos… whether they are created by the musicians or they are adapted by someone else and posted up on youtube or from clips of movies…

Here are a few that I love:




I have said many times during my time at school, that I could stay there forever… I mean, I might not necessarily willing choose to be graded on everything I take classes in, but if I could audit entire majors… I would totally be down to hang out until my brain could no longer hold information.  This being said, I specifically am only targeting this at the school I attended, a private art college.  But, I’m sure others schools have nice programs I would also like to audit.

The great thing about being someone who is creatively charged is that your creativity is open to any outlet it can flow through… meaning I love A LOT of stuff, but I am only officially qualified to do what my major taught me.  For example, I love furniture design, architecture, fashion, sustainable design, urban/landscape design, graphic design, typography, printmaking, production design, interior design, and basically almost all other art forms and design practices…  But I am only qualified to photograph these things.  While that does allow me to work with any of the above mediums, it mostly only to document them [yes, sometimes that can be extremely creative, I know!]. But, I want to get my hands dirty!  I want to be the builder, designer, creator of any and all of those mediums.

Alas, I am only one person with limited funding. So going to school forever is a bit out of the question.  So I will continue to be an admirer of all of the things I cannot officially do…

Here are some nicely designed pieces of furniture I am digging:$web_zoom$&wid=411&hei=411$web_zoom$&wid=411&hei=411*314/The-Farmhouse-Chair.jpg

Great things about Dwell… at home in the modern world.

There is nothing that entrances me more than flipping through the pages [or the online slideshows] of Dwell magazine.  There is something so refreshing [relaxing, constructive, happy] about modern design [at least to me… it sort of takes away all the visual obstructions and allows me to relax and focus on things I need to do].  And Dwell provides not only modern home design, but home furnishings and accessories, and spotlights the artists/designers/architects who are creating them.  They also provide a great focus on green design and sustainable products… which I love learning about!

Dwell’s most recent publication focuses on “Japan Style”, and how that is integrated into home design.  Personally, I think sometimes Japanese influence on design isn’t always appealing… or for me it’s hard for people to not make it cheesy.  However, this house in Southern California that they featured is extremely smart and well designed.  This house was integrated into the landscape in which it was constructed, meaning that instead of destroying what was on the lot, they built around it and made the most of their space.  The result is a home that is truly a hidden sanctuary of peace and serenity in what looks like a pretty standard SoCal neighborhood.*497/the-hidden-fortress-dwellings-view-from-street.jpg

the hidden fortress dwellings tree through fence

the hidden fortress dwellings portrait at tea table
the hidden fortress dwellings portrait by koi pond

the hidden fortress dwellings engawa

the hidden fortress dwellings wall of sliding doors

the hidden fortress bathroom portrait

Hello world!

Well, hello blog world.  While I have not previously been very consistent with blogging, I feel as though this time I will have more opportunities to post about things I love and to share my findings and growing interests as my aesthetic in this new phase in life develops.

But before I delve into the happening land of San Diego, I will first entice you to keep reading with a photograph of [I think] my sweet doggies! [anyone who knows me isn’t shocked by this]…..